30 Advent Cards
30 Advent Cards
30 Advent Cards
30 Advent Cards
30 Advent Cards
30 Advent Cards
30 Advent Cards

My Daughter Florence

30 Advent Cards

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Count down to Christmas with Advent Cards! They are designed to fit perfectly inside your Advent Calendar or chore chart, but can be displayed in a jar or basket for easy reaching.

30 cards for you and your family to give you ideas of what you can do to be together during the Christmas Season. Carefully curated mix of service, craft, holiday, and thoughtful prompts to countdown to Christmas with the ones you love most.

Printed on the best quality quality paper with a soft-touch vinyl coating, these cards will last the test of time. A variety of 5 different colors with a common back. 

Here's the complete list of prompts:

  1. Make Christmas decorations
  2. Build a snowman
  3. Go to a Christmas parade
  4. Visit a nativity display
  5. Christmas crafts
  6. Write a letter to a member of the military
  7. Video call a relative that lives far away
  8. Picnic by the Christmas tree
  9. Write the words to your own Christmas carol
  10. Try a new Christmas recipe
  11. Go on a bike ride or walk around neighborhood with Santa hats on
  12. Open gifts! Celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ
  13. Drive around to see Christmas lights
  14. Read a Christmas book
  15. Watch a Christmas movie
  16. Letter to Santa
  17. Nice note for mailman and/or neighbor
  18. Select someone in need for secret Santa
  19. Make gingerbread houses
  20. Decorate Christmas tree
  21. Watch the Nutcracker ballet
  22. Open Christmas pajamas 
  23. Decorate and deliver cookies 
  24. Go ice skating
  25. Snowball fight
  26. Learn about how other cultures celebrate the holiday season
  27. Go caroling
  28. Hot cocoa night
  29. Read Christmas story in Bible Luke 2
  30. Make a meal for someone