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Women We Stand Behind: Nicole Maxfield

Do you ever meet someone and automatically know you sort of want to keep track of them for life? Today's 'Mom Feature' has definitely been one of those for me! We connected while both in Tokyo (more about that below) and she's inspired me since. 

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Last-Minute Easter Posters

Hey friends, Easter weekend is almost here! I’ve simplified our Easter baskets this year in exchange for some new traditions based more on welcoming spring and celebrating Easter Sunday. We’re doing an Easter advent this week and have been flying this simple little kite when we go outside everyday. I’m still looking for other fun ways to ‘welcome spring’. Any easy ideas? In the meantime, here are two free Easter prints for some last-minute decorating. This bunny print: Print up to 20”x 33”, for a clear image, download here   And for any of you celebrating the Christian origins of Easter, I recently came across this beautiful sketch done by Rembrandt himself: Print up to 24”x17”, for a clear image, available...

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